All the hustle and bustle – lots to do, no time to breathe,exhausted and next thing you know – BAM! It’s over.  What happened to the Holidays?  They are gone!

As busy as you might be, take some time to breathe in the air, look up at the stars (if it isn’t a cloudy night), enjoy the decorated homes.  Pause for a moment and enjoy the sights and sounds.

Or even better do something silly and SHARE it!  Laughter is good for the soul and the body!

To help you get into the Christmas & Holiday Season spirit and for a little laugh (hopefully), I created something silly using the ElfYourself App.

Oh and that’s Mr. The Nourishing Soul in the video with me!  Enjoy!

My something silly video!  Click the link below:



My wish is that you all have a wonderful, happy, healthy and safe Christmas and Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year!


Thank you for following my blog!

Much Love,