It’s the “Dog Days” of Summer! Hot and humid with no desire to heat up the house and cook warm food, right? One of my favorite go-to, Cooling Summer Recipes that’s easy to prepare AND gluten free is  Quinoa Tabouleh!

Quinoa (quinnoah)? Huh?

How do you pronounce that? Keen-wah

What is it?

Technically, quinoa is a seed related to Spinach and Swiss Chard, loaded with protein. Its texture is similar to couscous and cooks up very quickly!


What is Tabouleh? It is a Middle Eastern dish traditionally made with bulgur that contains a variety of veggies, all of which are in season NOW! It is a very versatile dish.

It can be serves as:

~ An appetizer

~ A side dish

~ A main dish

~ A salad

~ A scoop put on top of regular salad

~ Inside a pita

Where can you buy Quinoa? Basically any grocery and/or health food store has it now. You can usually find it in the Rice and Pasta aisle.

Get out to your Farmer’s Market to pick up your veggies and give this Cooling Summer Recipe a try!


Cooling Summer Quinoa Tabouleh 

Takes about 30 minutes total to prepare. Serves 6


1 cup quinoa 2-1/4 cups water
1 cucumber, diced
1 tomato, diced

2-3 grated carrots (To save a little time, I cheat and buy a bag of shredded carrots and use a handful)
1 bunch fresh mint, minced or 1/2 bunch fresh parsley, minced – Or use both!
2-3 tablespoons FRESH lemon juice, depending on your taste – experiment with it. Also, it is key to use fresh lemon juice – using concentrated lemon juice doesn’t taste as good.
3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
Sea salt to taste


1. Rinse and drain the quinoa.

2. In a pot bring water and salt to a rolling boil, then pour in the rinsed and drained quinoa.

3. Reduce heat to low and let it simmer covered for 20 minutes or until grains are fluffy and all the water is absorbed.

4. Fluff quinoa with a fork; cover again, letting it sit to cool.

5. When the quinoa is cooled, transfer it into a large bowl combining all the ingredients.

6. Using a fork, mix gently, adding lemon juice, olive oil and salt to your taste.

7. Refrigerate for a couple of hours to let the flavors meld together. Then serve the Cooling Summer Recipe!

Note: You can use any combination of veggies you like!